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The packing machine is a kind of large-size weighing and packing equipment specially used for large sack packing for powder products with poor liquidity. It is one of various packing machines developed by our company independently, which has integrated electronic weighing, auto sack taking-off, sealing and dedusting, and human-machine interface, featured with adjustable packing speed, accurate packing, and high automation, widely applied to the large sack packing for various powder products in the fields such as chemical, cement, ferrous powder, building materials, mining, grain, and feedstuff, etc.
Technical Parameters
Packing Speed:20~40sacks/h
Weighing Scope:500~1000 kg/sack
Working Power:380V,50HZ,5.5KW
Compressed Air Source Pressure:5-8Bar
Air quantity for dust exhaustion:800~2500 m3/min
Air Consumption:0.6m3/min
Relative Humidity:≤80%
Ambient Humidity:-10℃~40℃
Technical characteristic
In accordance with the characters of the powder products, it is specially designed and manufactured by adopting international advanced technology, with the wide application. The sack is filled completely without swelling and optimum streamline design is obtained.
By adopting special speed regulating device of international brand, it can carry out the stepless speed regulation for the feeding and packing speed. Its packing is featured with high speed, high accuracy and stable performance.
PLC electrical control system makes the control process quite reliable.
Designed on the basis of environment-protection conception, the packing machine possesses the advanced dustproof and dedusting design, which ensures a good working environment.
The weighing system adopts electronic platform scale measuring and the weighing control indicator is of imported digital display, adopting the entire panel digital calibration and parameters setting, which makes the operation very simple and convenient, featured with the functions such as displaying accumulative weight, auto tare deduction, auto zero calibration, auto fall correction, over tolerance alarm, and fault self-diagnosis. It has high sensitivity and strong anti-interference ability.
The indicator is fitted with communication interface to make it easy to form the computer network and then exercise real time monitoring and network management to the packing machine.
It can be used together with the vibrating platform and roller-way (scraper chain) conveying machinery to combine an automatic packing and conveying production line.
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