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Weighing net weight of the bucket by electronic scale is adopted, with gravity-flowing feeding structure, installation with frame down to the ground, reasonable in structure, convenient for operation and maintenance. The equipment is composed of feeding device, measuring and weighing system, electric control system, pneumatic control system, sack-clamping device and main frame.
The equipment is applicable for pouring materials for large and medium size enterprises whose capacity of single line production is less than 20 tons per hour. It can satisfy quantificational packing of all grainy materials with better flowability such as plastic particles, fertilizer, foodstuff, chemical product, building materials and so on.
Technical Parameters:
Accuracy :≤±0.2%
Packing Speed :300~500 sacks/h
Measuring Scope:20~50 kg/sack
Supply Voltage:220VAC, 50HZ
Compressed Air Source Pressure:4~6Bar
Air Consumption :0.01m3/sec
Specifications on Container Sack: various open-type plastic woven and paper sacks, etc.
Technical Characteristics:
Imported weighing controller, overall panel-type digital correcting and parameter setting are adopted for the weighing system weighted by electronic scale with accurate measurement and convenient operation.
It has such functions as setting values of feeding course/fine and individual-sack weight, counting container sacks, displaying weight accumulation, automatic weighing, automatic zero calibration, automatic fall correcting, over-tolerance alarm and fault self-diagnosis.
Enclosed structure design is adopted for the equipment with fine dedusting performance.
Non-standard design is available based on material properties.
It can be applied together with thermal sealing machine, conveyer, and machine unit for sewing sacks.
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