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Gravity-flowing feeding, single electronic scale measuring, measurement of pouring directly materials into container sacks without scale hopper, frame and vertical type installation are adopted for the equipment with simple structure and high reliability. It is composed of mechanical device including feeding device, scale-frame, sack-clamping device and pneumatic actuating components, etc. and control system including weighing sensor, weighing control instrument and program controller, etc.
The equipment is widely used for various grainy and powdery materials with better fluidity.
Technical Parameters:
Packing Speed:280~400 sacks/h
Measuring Scope:20~50 kg/sack
Supply Voltage:220VAC,50HZ
Compressed Air Source Pressure: 4~6Bar
Air Consumption:0.02m3/sec
Specifications on Container Sack: Various open container sack
Technical Characteristics:
The advanced IL weighing sensor is adopted for the equipment with electronic scale weighting to improve overall rigidity and sensitivity of weighing system and ensure weighing accuracy.
Real-time display of weight and error detection: to display the weight of materials weighed in real time and each weighing needs to pass error detect ion and diagnosis, over-tolerance warning and identification.
Zero-resetting automatically: each circulation detects zero setting and automatically corrects deviation.
Main frame with seal design to reduce dust pollution.
Non-standard design is available based on material properties.
It can be used with conveyer and machine unit for sewing sacks, forming a semiautomatic packing assembly line to improve working efficiency.
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