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Suspension structure is adopted for the gravity-flowing packing machine with tri-flow control. The connection between feeding opening and storage silo self-prepared by users and weighing by mechanical scale are adopted for the equipment with compact structure and convenient installation.
The equipment is applicable for grainy materials packing from large and medium size enterprises whose capacity of production is less than 12 tons per hour. The grainy materials to be packed include foodstuff, fertilizer, chemical product, quartz sand, etc.
Technical Parameters:
Packing Capacity:120~240 sacks/h
Measuring Scope:20~25 kg/sack
Supply Voltage:220VAC,50HZ
Compressed Air Source Pressure:0.4~0.6MPa
Air Consumption:0.01m3/sec
Specifications on Container Sack: Various open container sack
Note: 1.To design based on material properties.
1) Stainless steel structure is used for the contacting section with materials.
2) The overall equipment adopts stainless steel structure.
2. It can be used with conveyer, machine unit for sewing sacks and thermal sealing machine.
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