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This packing machine is applicable for automatic quantificational filling of powdery materials with general or worse fluidity, in such sectors as chemicals, building materials, non-metal mines, steel and iron, environment protection. The above materials cover pigment, dyes, ferrous powder, cement, fly ash, dried mortar powder, antimony oxide, talc powder and calcium carbonate.
2. Basic Principle
Adopting updated international technique of power packing, it conducts feeding into valve-like sack by driving the screw feeder with frequency-conversion motor. Packing speed and accuracy can be ensured through adjusting the loading speed of the feeder. It mainly consists of gearing, measuring/weighing system, transmission assembly, electric control system, pneumatic control and actuating system, main frame.
3. Technical Parameters:
Packing Capacity:120~360 sacks/h
Measuring Scope:20~50 kg/sack
Compressed Air Source Pressure:5-8Bar
Air Consumption:0.01 m3/sec
Supply Voltage: 380VAC,50HZ
Total Power:6KW
Specifications on Container Sack: Various container sacks with valve-like opening.
4. Technical Characteristics:
Adopting updated global technique of power packing, it is controlled by the speed-regulator of world top brand, and stepless speed control is available for its feeding speed.
Filling weighing means an automatic lever-type tare-measuring mode, with function of auto sack-clamping, auto sack-releasing, extremely simple and easy both for installation and operation.
PLC can be adopted during the working process of packing machine. Independent dustproof structure is used for the electric control cabinet.
With environment-friendly designing concept, it has the special interface for dust-removing to ensure a pleasant working environment.
Only manual sack-fitting is required during working. Other procedures will be automatically fulfilled with reliable operation.
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