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CD50-M Automatic Packing machine is a new type packing machine designed according to the user’s requirements for the opening sack packing. The packing machine is suitable for the quantificational packing of powder products into opening sack, applied to a variety of powder products with larger bulk density and poor liquidity, such as chemical raw materials, pigment, dye, gypsum powder, carbon black, graphite, titanium pigment, dry-mix mortar, etc.
Adopt the feeding method of single-spiral stepless speed adjusting and two-stage flow-rate control, imperative feeding by the spiral directly into the container sack, which is fitted with special dedusting interface to resolve the difficulties in the opening-sack packing and filling for the powder products and the difficulties in collecting the dusts. The packing machine has the advantages of fast weighing, accurate measuring, good sealing and dedusting performance.
The weighing system is centrally controlled by PLC programs, and measured by electronic-scale, which may directly set the weight required, featured with the functions such as setting values for coarse or fine feeding, auto tare deduction, auto zero calibration, auto fall correction, over tolerance alarm, and fault self-diagnosis.
It may combine an automatic packing production line together with the sack sewing machines and the conveyors to carry out the production line operation, including automatic measuring and filling, and automatic sack sewing and conveying. The working efficiency will be greatly improved.
Technical Parameters
Packing Capacity:120~240sacks/h
Accuracy: ≤±0.2%
Measuring Scope:20~50kg/sack
Compressed Air Source Pressure:5Bar
Air Consumption:0.01 m3/sec
Supply Voltage:380VAC ,50HZ
Total Power:3KW
Container sack type: all kinds of opening container sack.
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