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CD50-Y Automatic Packing machine is designed on basis of human-oriented and environment-protection conception, having absorbed the advanced technology of similar overseas products, featured with fast packing, accurate measuring, severe and rational structure, convenient maintenance, simple installation and operation, and good dedusting effect. It is widely applied to the filling and packing for the powder products in the industries such as cement, fly ash, metalloid mine, petrochemical, etc.
The packing machine mainly consists of conveying and feeding system, measuring and weighing system, electrical control system, pneumatic control and actuating system, main frame, etc. During the working process, except fitting the sack over manually, the other procedures such as feeding, measuring, and sack releasing will be completed automatically in succession.
Technical Parameters
Packing Capacity:180~300sacks/h;
Measuring Scope:20~50kg/sack;
Compressed Air Source Pressure:5-8Bar;
Air Consumption:0.01m3/sec;
Supply Voltage: 380VAC,50HZ
Total Power: 6KW
Shape of Container-Sacks: sack with a valve-like opening (Inserted-Opening sack), 65~ 75(mm)
Technical characteristics
Its impeller feeding method is designed referring to the structures of the domestic and overseas powder products feeding units; driven by frequency-control motor with excellent dustproof structure, regulated and controlled by the frequency inverter of international top brand to achieve the stepless control and regulation to the feeding rate.
Dustproof measures are adopted, with severe and advanced structure, and perfect dedusting effect.
The filling and weighing system adopts measuring by electronic-scale that has the weighing sensor and the weighing control indicator of high accuracy fixed on it, which adopts the entire panel digital calibration and parameters setting, featured with the functions such as set values for coarse or fine feeding and single sack weight, auto tare deduction, auto zero calibration, auto fall correction, over tolerance alarm, and fault self-diagnosis. The indicator is fitted with communication interfaces which make it easy to form the computer network and then exercise real time monitoring and network management.
The working process of the packing machine is controlled by PLC programs, which may be fitted with the advanced touch screen human-machine interface to realize the touch control to the working process and the human-machine dialogue for technical supports required during the the packing machine’s entire working process and maintenance.
It is designed on the basis of environment-protection conception, provided with the dedusting interface, which may absorb and remove the dust at the discharge opening while being connected with the dedusting system, featured with the advanced and rational structure, and its prominent effect.
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