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This production line consists of automatic weighing unit, packing and sealing unit, automatic sack feeding unit, conveying and testing unit, and stacking unit, widely applied to the industries such as petrochemical, fertilizer, building materials, grain, port, logistics, etc, to fulfill the entire-process automation from the finished products being delivered from godown to weighing, packing, testing till stacking. It carries out the operation procedures in turn such as automatic material feeding, automatic sack feeding, sack submitting, weighing, sack filling, thermal sealing, conveying and shaping, weight testing, metal testing, inspecting and screening, code spraying and printing, and automatic stacking. The whole working process of the production line is automatically controlled by the intelligent programs, which enables it to run continuously. The production line has the functions such as fault alarm, display, and automatic interlock stop. It may be fitted with communication interface as the user’s requirement, so as to exercise the real time monitoring, remote diagnosis and network management. The production line has the advantages such as high working efficiency, advanced and rational structure, convenient operation and maintenance, and reliable performance.
The production line is equipped with advanced robot stacker, which is the product of new generation developed for traditional stackers. Furthermore, it has the advantages such as its small cubic measurement, small floor space, low running cost, large capacity, higher working reliability, simple program changing, which enables it to meet the requirements of various container sack sizes.
Technical Parameters
1.Weighing Scope:20~50 kg/sack
2.Accuracy:≤± 0.2%
3.Working Capacity:800~1200sacks/h
4.Dynamo-Power: 380VAC/220VAC, 50HZ
5.Control Power: 24VDC
6.Control Compressed Air Source:0.5~0.8MPa
7.Air Consumption:0.01m3/sec
Container sack size:
1. Sack shape: pillow opening sack (opening sack)
2. Material: composite paper-sack /inner film-coated PE woven sack/outer film-coated PE woven sack
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