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This series of products are mainly applied to the continuous steep conveying for the bulk materials, which adopt the conveying belts equipped with corrugated sidewalls and transverse diaphragms with the of products conveying tilting angle of 0-90°(70° and blow preferred). This series of products are widely applied in the industries such as coal, grain, building materials, chemical, water and electricity, agriculture, port, and metallurgy, etc. They are used to convey all kinds of bulk materials with the bulk density of 0.0.5~2.5t/m3 under the environmental temperature-19℃~+40℃. For the materials that have special requirements, such as the materials that can resist the high temperature or contain acid or alkali or oily substances, it shall be specially designed by using the relative materials as per the requirements. It has the advantages of high reliability, energy saving and lifting the materials reliably and economically as the general belt conveyor conveys horizontally or at a small tilting angle.
Technical Parameters:
Belt Width
Sidewall Height
Front Roller Diameter Series
Quantity Conveyed
Overall Dimensions
Distance between floor to front-wheel center
Distance between floor to rear-wheel center
Distance between Belts
Height of Central Support
“Conveying quantity” in the table means the actual raw coal conveying quantity at the belt speed of 1M/S.
The method for choosing the specification: to confirm the name and the property of the material to be conveyed and the lifting height and horizontal distance (as well as the maximum conveying tilting angle), conveying quantity per hour, and then select the belt width, sidewall height, and space between the diaphragms. The bigger the material blocks are, the higher sidewalls should be accordingly.
Non-standard products can be designed as per the user’s actual technological requirements.
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