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The Trough Belt Conveyor is a kind of continuous conveying equipment mainly used for various bulk materials or packed articles. It is widely applied to the materials conveying in the factory, mine, construction site, port, etc. The width and the length of its belt can be supplied as required. The belt may be laid horizontally or tilting. The conveying belt can meet the resistance requirements against acid, alkali, corrosion, oil, and heat, etc.
The Trough Belt Conveyor mainly consists of driving device, conveying belt, roller, supporting roller, belt tensioning device, cleaner, frame cover and frame. The belt conveyor may be light running or running with other equipments under the coordinated control. Centralized control interface may be preserved in advance. It is featured with rational equipment structure, smooth and stable running, simple operation and maintenance, and a wide range of materials conveying.
The dimensions of its structure may be designed as per the user’s technological requirements.
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