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This equipment is mainly used for the lift conveying of the materials so as to lift, move, and overturn the materials produced at the lower position to the upper specified position, which is widely applied to the industries such as rubber, chemicals, building materials, metallurgy, etc.
Structural features: The equipment mainly consists of gearing, frame, hopper frame, tightening device, guide rail unit, sliding unit, and electrical control system, with chains driven by the frequency conversion motor, of which, the hopper is designed to have the stainless steel internally.
PLC and the frequency inverter are adopted to control the processes such as lifting and accelerating the hopper, horizontally moving at a uniform velocity, decelerating and descending, and overturning. The starting benchmark position is at where the hopper receives the material; and the putting-down benchmark position is at where the hopper overturns.
Technical Parameters
Handling Speed: 7.9 m/min
Handling Capacity: max 120ml/hopper
Motor Power:1.5KW, 380VAC
Compressed Air Source:≥0.4MPa,0.02m3/sec
Structural Configuration
1. Fixed Hopper
2. Movable Hopper
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