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This series of products are mainly applied to the continuous steep
◆Roller conveyor is applied to the conveying of the cases, bags, sacks and other articles, however, bulk materials, small package and irregular articles shall be conveyed by putting them on the tray or in the circulating box.
It is able to convey an individual material with a heavy weight or bear a large impact load.
With a variable structural configuration, its roller line may be divided into drive roller line and non-drive roller line as per the driving mode; also be divided into horizontal conveying roller line, tilting conveying roller line, and turning conveying roller line as per the layout style. It may be designed as per the customer’s special requirements so as to meet different requirements of the customers.
Among the roller lines, it is easy to join and transit. A complicated materials circulation system may be combined with a number of roller lines and other conveying equipment or special machinery to meet the technological requirements in all respects.
The roller conveyor is featured with simple structure, high reliability, convenient operation and maintenance.
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