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The Plane Belt Conveyor is widely applied to the materials conveying on the industrial flowline, assembly line, and testing line. It is a kind of general machinery that is able to convey continually and is widely applied to the production lines in ports, steel enterprises, factories, cement, grain and light industry. It may convey a variety of materials, either various bulk materials or various packed articles such as cartons, container sacks, etc.
The conveying belt may adopt various materials, such as rubber, canvas, PVC, PU, etc. Except being used for conveying the common materials, it may satisfy the conveying of materials which has special requirements such as oil-resistance, corrosion-resistance, and anti-static electricity, etc. As per the user’s actual requirement, several conveying belts can be connected to realize the conveying of different types. Such accessories as push plate, sidewall, and apron may be additionally fixed on the conveying belt so as to meet different technological requirements. The conveying is stable without relative motion between the material and the conveying belt, which avoids the damages to the conveyed material.
Plane Belt Conveyor is also the associated equipment of the packing machine, which is used for meeting the requirements of conveying the packed material. It is aligned according to the working process order, to finish the working procedures such as sealing and auxiliary conveying after the packing. The sack sewing machine is placed on one side of the conveyor, and the conveyor is matched with the sewing speed. The sack sealing procedure is finished during the conveying.
Technical Parameters
1.Conveying Length:3500mm(Model:USB3.5),4500mm(Model USB4.5)
Manufacturing is available based on user’s process requirements.
2.Conveying Speed:4-20(m/min)(stepless speed control)
3.Belt Width:300~1000mm
4.Supply Voltage: 380VAC,50HZ
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